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Shepherds Lodge Devi Darshan Auli

Situated in the ski resort of Auli, Joshimath, the Devi Darshan Lodge, as its name suggests, offers a stunning view of the Nanda Devi massif. At an elevation of 7816m, Nanda Devi is India’s second highest peak. The view of the peak at different times of the day is an experience in itself! Shepherds Lodge Devi Darshan offers a multitude of activities that will enable you to truly experience the wonder of the high Himalayas, from bird watching in around the campus through all categories of tailor made hikes and treks, to skiing holidays.


Shepherds Lodge Satyanarayan, Haridwar

The Satyanarayan  Lodge situated within the forest of the tiger reserve 15km from Haridwar off the Rishikesh Road, was built by the British in 1882. The lodge, renovated by the Forest Department in 1990 is now managed and run by the experienced team at Mountain Shepherds. The Shepherds Lodge Satyanarayan is set amongst thick, pristine forest on a large campus, with at numerous  recorded species of birds and a multitude of butterflies, making it a bird watchers paradise.

What our Clients say

This resort claims to have the best view in Auli, and i cant agree more. The staff was very very friendly and were always on their toes. They cooked amazing food and made sure we didnt face any issues regarding hot water, cold water, unlimited cold coffees, pakoras, trekking shoes, etc.

Sonam K.

We have to admit that we did not expect such comfortable and homely atmosphere at the Lodge.The view of Nanda Devi peaks from the dining room windows were absolutely amazing. The weather was freezing cold outside but they made sure to keep us cozy..with all the room heaters,electric bed.


Nothing had prepared me for the wonderful and enriching experience that Devi Darshan offered us. The lodge is located in a stunning location in Auli, with a breathtaking view of the Nandadevi peak. The hospitality was excellent; the staff and helpers were incredibly resourceful and helpful.

Akshay S.

Auli is really unique in that you don’t just have views of mountains in the distance but you are right in the middle of them. Devi Darshan Lodge really takes advantage of this. Also it is positioned so you see both the sun rise and the sunset (at least in winter). It really is just spectacular!


About Us

Our lodges offer a unique opportunity to experience the natural diversity of Uttarakhand and our strong ecological tradition through warm indigenous hospitality. You will be enchanted by the serene magnificence of snowcapped peaks and the mysterious peacefulness of the wild. The lodges are part of Mountain Shepherds, a community-owned eco tourism venture that has been operating successfully since 2002. Visit our website at www.Mountainshepherds.org to learn more about our incredible journey from the Chipko Movement to where we are today, still rooted with strong bonds to our forests and rivers. 

Let our lodges reintroduce you to the sheer scale of holiday experiences that the state has to offer, from the high alpine meadows of the upper Himalaya to the dense, virgin forests of the foothills.